Below are some FAQ that will help you answer any questions you have. If you have other questions, please just send it to
If this is your first time visiting the website, you will have to register and confirm details in order to be able to login. If you have registered before you can login with the username and password you registered with. This can be done from the main page or when you are at checkout.
Refer to the "Delivery Info" page for more information. Depending on when you would like your parcel and the area you are in, you can either select driver or courier delivery.
If you are a beauty professional, you will have to register an account with us and then we will send you a pricelist.
As we work with multiple systems, stock levels need to be confirmed. Once you have placed your order our sales ladies will confirm your order and stock is available. They will then send you an invoice and you will be able to pay the correct amount.
If a product is out of stock on the website, you can still email us your request and our sales ladies will confirm when new stock will arrive and your order can be placed or offer an alternative where possible.
You will get a confirmation email confirming your order has been placed. One of our sales ladies will then be in contact to confirm stock is available and send you your invoice. Once paid it will then be delivered via your choice of delivery.
This all depends on what delivery option you have selected - our driver delivers to each area twice a week. If you require your order earlier than your area delivery day, you can select the courier option and we will send it via courier (after courier costs have been confirmed and added to the invoice by one of our sales ladies - This option requires that payment is made before the order can be shipped.)