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PhD Waxing System

This is not a spatula or roll on method
The use of the unique PhD disposable applicators for each client minimizes the risk of cross contamination during a wax treatment, especially in areas prone to bleeding.
This is achieved as the applicator is never inserted into a wax container.
The unique applicator dispenses wax evenly, cleanly and quickly
PhD applicators have a gate mechanism to prevent wax from re-entering the tube and the tube is held at 45° angle in the booster chamber so there is no chance of any wax flow back. As well as being hygienic the PhD system also offers a professional, quick and easy wax, with a less painful hair removal for the client.
No More mess
No more wax smells
Less time consuming
No more burning by wax or steel spatulas
Maximum in client comfort
Reduced redness

What do you get with the system:-
- System
- 15 x 75g Tubes of Wax
- 100 x Pre-Cut Strips, 40 x Disposable Applicators
- 250ml Pre Lotion & 250ml After Lotion with Pumps
- 48 Spatulas
- PhD Badge
- Training, Diploma, Training Manual & DVD
- Window Decal


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