Welcome to our store

Please note that we have made some changes to our website. The new website has the same look and feel and work the same as the previous Logica website, but with a few minor differences. Although the products will still be visible to all users, the prices will only be visible to registered users. This will ensure that only beauty professionals have access to this and other sensitive information.
In our aim to make our website as educational as possible, by adding Treatment costing's etc, we have had to make these changes to protect our clients.
However this would mean that all clients that are currently registered on the site would need to register again to receive new log in information and gain access to the information available on the new site.
Once you have registered again and verified your details, you will receive confirmation within 24 hours (excluding Weekends).

How to order:
Choose your category and products;
Choose your quantities and click the "Add to Cart" button;
Click on the "Cart" button to check you cart;

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How to check out:
Click the "cart" button at the right top of the page;
When the cart appears click the "show cart" button;
Click the "checkout" button when you are happy with your order;
Fill out the checkout page and click the "continue" button;

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What happens next:
You will be contacted by a Logica Beauty Consultant to confirm your order;
A total will be given to you and your order will be sent out to you on receipt of payment.

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